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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

We specialize in garage door opener maintenance and offer same day emergency opener repairs! Ardent technicians are efficient, fast, and expert in all opener brands

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our technical experts have a long experience with garage door springs and are the best at repair services for your home.

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Garage Door Remote Clicker

Garage Door Remote Clicker

Let us help you find the perfect Genie intellicode remote! Let us fix your Liftmaster multicode clicker! We are specialists and do our job right

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Residential Garage Door Maintenance & Installation Services

How many of the people reading this article have garages on their property? I am willing to bet that many of you do. Garages are popular because they add storage to the home along with adding an extra room for activities or just to hang out in. Our garage door repair company in Seabrook is proud to say that we are the company that a lot of people turn to when they need garage door service done. We can do all kinds of different services for garage doors from installations to repairs. Call us today and talk to one of our well trained garage door contractors and we will have your garage not only looking good but operating correctly as well.

Your springs are broken, the cables are off the drum, the overhead door is off its track… Whatever you need, our team can take care of it! We proudly work with the very best professionals and are able to repair, install, replace and maintain your garage door, its opener and all other parts.

Garage Door Repair Services in Texas

What's essential about our company is that we have the expertise to satisfy the garage door repair needs of every single residential client. With years of experience, training and updating, our professionals can take care of opener issues, repair the reverse system, offer emergency repair, adjust the springs and the overhead door, replace the broken components and install new doors.

One of the most popular garage door services that our garage door company/contractor in Seabrook can provide for you is garage door replacement/installation. If your old garage door is looking old and shabby then call us at garage door repair in Seabrook and we can come out and replace the garage door with a new one. We have several different doors for you to choose from. You can go modern with a glass garage door, an aluminum garage door or a steel garage door. Or you can go for a wooden garage door. We even have Craftsman garage doors. Each of these comes in a variety of styles. Our garage door company in Seabrook can also replace garage door windows for you as well.

How about a garage door opener or a garage door remote? These are both products that can make life a lot easier for anyone that has a garage door. A garage door opener works on a drive. There are screw drives, chain drives and belt drives. We at garage door repair in Seabrook can make sure that you are buying the right garage door opener. The brands that we have are Genie garage door opener, Liftmaster garage door opener, Chamberlain garage door opener, Craftsman garage door opener, Sears garage door opener and Marantec garage door opener. For those that already have openers our garage door service in Seabrook can provide Garage door openers troubleshooting.

We also have some great garage door remotes as well including The Clicker, the Multi-Code, the Genie Intellicode and the Liftmaster Security. So whether it is an opener or a remote you are looking for come see us at our garage door company/contractor in Seabrook.

Of course we do garage door repairs as well. We recommend that all garage door owners do garage door maintenance/adjustments. This includes regularly maintenance lubrication. This will keep the repairs that are needed at a minimal. But when repair services do come up we can do them for you. There are a lot of different repairs that we can do for you but some of the common ones are:

    * Door Off track

    * Broken emergency release

     *Replace section of garage door

     *Weather Strip

     *Bottom garage door rubber

Our garage door repair company in the city of Seabrook can also handle all of your issues with your cables & tracks. Some of the common problems with these are Cable Snapped,  Cable lose, Cable came off the drum, Broken cable, Replace garage track and Repair bent garage door track.

Garage door springs is another big garage door service that we at the garage door company in Seabrook provide for our customers. Our galvanized garage door springs are coated and look great hanging on your garage door. We keep both extension springs and torsion springs well stocked at all times. Please call us today at our garage door company in Seabrook and let us take care of your garage door springs for you.

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