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Garage Door Springs
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Garage Door Repair Seabrook welcomes you to our website. We are proud to be the leading experts in garage door springs in Seabrook and surrounding communities. When you need broken spring repair or broken spring replacement in Seabrook, give us a call.

Are you planning to install a new overhead door soon? Do you need professional assistance in measuring the garage or the existing door? Our installers are well-trained and our company offers backup services. Rely on us for all garage door needs ranging from new installations to maintenance, adjustments and same day repairs.

When you have issues with your garage door springs in Seabrook, you need experts to handle the situation. Despite their innocent appearance, garage door springs can actually be quite dangerous. One wrong move and the spring can cause extensive injuries. If you need to replace the torsion spring or the extension springs in Seabrook, give us a call here at Garage Door Repair Seabrook for help.

What is extension and torsion springs, anyway?

Garage Door Springs in Texas    *A torsion spring is the big spring that sits above your garage door. This tight coil provides tension that helps make lifting the heavy garage door much easier. When you need to replace the torsion spring in Seabrook, you need to bring in experts since it can be a dangerous job to tackle.

    *Extension springs are on either side of your door. You will likely notice the cable attached to a drum at the top of the track. Those springs break, your door may actually come off the track or at least out of alignment. These springs require balance to work properly.

The technicians here at Garage Door Repair Seabrook are experts in garage door springs of all sorts. They bring years of experience with them to each job. The trucks they drive have a full assortment of repair parts onboard. This allows them to handle most Seabrook broken spring replacement or repairs in a single trip. And that one big reason that helps us keep our services affordable.

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